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Fig. 1

From: Effect of the macroalgae Asparagopsis taxiformis on methane production and rumen microbiome assemblage

Fig. 1

In-vitro rumen system set-up. Extraction: Rumen fluid and rumen solids were collected from 2 dairy cows. Mixing: Rumen fluid was homogeneously mixed and rumen solids were homogeneously mixed. After mixing, rumen fluid was separated into two Erlenmeyer flasks, where treatment was then assigned. 24 Hour Equilibration: The control flask received 30 g of mixed rumen solids and 30 g of SBR and the treatment flask received 30 g of mixed rumen solids, 30 g of SBR, and 1.5 g of A. taxiformis. After each flask received their treatment, the 24 h equilibration period began. After the equilibration period, each flask was then divided into 3 vessels, then fed their respective treatments (control = 10 g SBR/vessel, treatment = 10 g SBR/vessel & .2 g A. taxiformis)

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