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Table 4 Ingredient composition of the diets and calculated concentrations

From: Impact of coccidiostat and phytase supplementation on gut microbiota composition and phytate degradation in broiler chickens

Ingredient, g/kgPhase 1 (d 1-10)Phase 2 (d 10-24/25)
Soybean Meal370350350
Soy Crude Oil303030
Monocalcium Phosphate17-11
Vitamin Premix2222
Mineral Premix30.50.50.5
Sodium Bicarbonate333
Sodium Chloride1.511
Choline Chloride222
Calculated composition, g/kg DM
 Crude Protein237230230
 Total Phosphorus (tP)
  1. 1Includes treatments Phy-Coc-, Phy-Coc+, Phy+Coc-, and Phy+Coc+, where Phy- = 0 and Phy+ = 1500 FTU phytase/kg, Coc- = 0 and Coc+ = 50 mg/kg of Narasin and Nicarbazin each in exchange for sand
  2. 2Vitamin premix (Miavit GmbH, Essen, Germany), provided per kg of complete diet: 10 000 IU vitamin A, 3000 IU vitamin D3, 30 mg vitamin E, 2.4 mg vitamin K3, 100 mcg biotin, 1 mg folic acid, 3 mg vitamin B1, 6 mg vitamin B2, 6 mg vitamin B6, 30 mcg vitamin B12, 50 mg nicotinamide, 14 mg calcium-D-pantothenat
  3. 3Trace element premix (Gelamin Gesellschaft für Tierernährung mbH, Memmingen, Germany), provided per kg of complete diet: 25 mg calcium from carbonate, 80 mg manganese from manganese-(II)-oxide, 60 mg zinc from zinc-oxide, 25 mg iron from ferrous-(II)-sulphate monohydrate, 7.5 mg copper from cupric-(II)-sulphate pentahydrate, 0.6 mg iodine from calcium iodate, 0.2 mg selenium from sodium selenite