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Fig. 4

From: Faecal inoculations alter the gastrointestinal microbiome and allow dietary expansion in a wild specialist herbivore, the koala

Fig. 4

Change in PC1 score of the treatment and control koalas’ GI microbiomes over the study. Treatment koalas are shown in red, while, control koalas are in blue. Closed circles joined by lines indicate the mean values for each treatment. Open symbols indicate the GI microbiome change for each individual, with different symbols indicating different individuals. The koalas received messmate over the period indicated in green with the inoculation period indicated by the grey shading. Sampling point 1 = Capture; 2 = immediately prior to the introduction of messmate; 3 = three days after the introduction of messmate; 4 = immediately after the completion of the inoculations; 5 = nine days after the completion of the inoculations; and 6 = 18 d after the completion of the inoculations

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