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Table 1 The results of pairwiseAdonis analyses (Bray-Curtis distances) between gut microbial communities of different regions of the digestive tract, including cloacal swabs

From: Cloacal swabs and alcohol bird specimens are good proxies for compositional analyses of gut microbial communities of Great tits (Parus major)

ComparisonsFR2P adjusted
Swabs vs. Cloaca3.5760.15170.0420*
Swabs vs. Large Intestine3.8090.15990.0210*
Swabs vs. Ilium4.1640.17230.0210*
Swabs vs. Middle of Small Intestine2.1820.11370.0630
Swabs vs. Beginning of Small intestine1.7790.11280.3990
Swabs vs. Stomach2.4250.11870.0210*
Cloaca vs. Large Intestine0.68610.03671
Cloaca vs. Ilium1.0420.05471
Cloaca vs. Middle of Small Intestine1.5690.09461
Cloaca vs. Beginning of Small intestine2.0240.14430.5880
Cloaca vs. Stomach1.7830.10030.9240
Large Intestine vs. Ilium0.57020.03071
Large Intestine vs. Middle of Small Intestine1.4210.08651
Large Intestine vs. Beginning of Small intestine1.7200.12541
Large Intestine vs. Stomach1.4400.08261
Ilium vs. Middle of Small Intestine0.96530.06051
Ilium vs. Beginning of Small intestine1.7200.12540.5880
Ilium vs. Stomach1.3910.07990.9240
Middle of Small Intestine vs. Beginning of Small intestine0.89340.09031
Middle of Small Intestine vs. Stomach0.60360.04441
Beginning of Small intestine vs. Stomach0.87470.08041
  1. *indicate significantly different groups