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Table 1 Summary of demographic characteristics of paired epileptic and control dogs

From: Evaluation of fecal Lactobacillus populations in dogs with idiopathic epilepsy: a pilot study

Epileptic dogControl dog
BreedAge (years)SexBreedAge (years)Sex
Siberian Husky3MNSiberian Husky3F
Siberian Husky4FSSiberian Husky8FS
Australian Shepherd6MNAustralian Shepherd10MN
Rough Coated Collie2MNRough Coated Collie6MN
Mixed breed6FSMixed breed6MN
Belgian Tervuren3FBelgian Tervuren7FS
Belgian Tervuren8MBelgian Tervuren9F
Shetland Sheepdog5MNShetland Sheepdog6FS
Mixed breed1MMixed breed3MN
Border Terrier11MNBorder Terrier10MN
Golden Retriever8FSWelsh Springer Spaniel4M
German Shorthaired Pointer1FSGerman Shorthaired Pointer8MN
  1. F Female intact, FS Female spayed, M Male intact, MN Male neutered