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Table 2 Highly significantly different groups at the family level between SFM and DCM foals (Kruskal-Wallis, p < 0.01). Taxa are shown in the group in which they were enriched

From: Development of the equine hindgut microbiome in semi-feral and domestic conventionally-managed foals

Semi-feral managed foals Domestic conventionally managed foals
Erysipelotrichaceae gen. Aerococcaceae gen.
Chlamydiaceae gen. Lactobacillaceae gen.
Rhodocyclaceae gen. Porphyromonadaceae gen.
Pasteurellaceae gen. Corynebacteriaceae gen.
Anaeroplasmataceae gen. Pseudomonadaceae gen.
S24–7 gen. Turicibacteraceae gen.
Alcaligenaceae gen. Sphingomonadaceae gen.
  Clostridiaceae gen.
  Moraxellaceae gen.
  Victivallaceae gen.
  Eubacteriaceae gen.
  Tissierellaceae gen.