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Table 1 Summary of all measurements collected per site. Environmental values are daily averages ± standard deviation measured at each site 1 day during week of collection. Nutrient values are averages of three-point water samples collected from each site at time of oyster collection. Spearman’s correlation coefficient (SCC, − 1 to 1) was calculated for the association between each parameter and Latitude. The most significant SCC values (| ≥ 0.8|) are shaded green. A value closer to 1 indicates that the parameter decreases from North-South (1.PVD to 5.NIN) and a value closer to − 1 indicates that the parameter increases from North-South. A correlation coefficient of 0 means there is no linear association and that the value does not consistently change along the estuarine gradient. Significant values as compared to the other sites are indicated in bold. *Spearman’s correlation coefficient for Salinity without 4.NAR: -0.8

From: Functional plasticity in oyster gut microbiomes along a eutrophication gradient in an urbanized estuary