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Table 1 Experimental design

From: Probiotics mediated gut microbiota diversity shifts are associated with reduction in histopathology and shedding of Lawsonia intracellularis

Treatment group Number of pigs Feed information (administered for the entire study duration) Key events
3 weeks of age
− 28 dpcb
7 weeks of age
0 dpc
9 weeks of age
16 dpc
T01-LAW 10 Base diet + Bacillus amyloliquefaciensa None Lawsonia intracellularis challenge using a gut homogenate Ileum content collection for this study
T02-LAW 10 Base diet + Bacillus licheniformisa None
T03-LAW 10 Base diet + Bacillus pumilusa None
VAC-LAW 10 Base diet only Commercial vaccine administrationc
POS-CONTROL 20 Base diet only None
NEG-CONTROL 10 Base diet only None None
  1. a Supplemented in the feed mill with 1 × 1012 colony forming units (CFU) of the respective Bacillus strain
  2. b Day post Lawsonia intracellularis challenge
  3. c Enterisol® Ileitis, Boehringer Ingelheim, serial number 3040187B, via the oral route by drenching 2 ml of the vaccine, reconstituted as per manufacturer’s instructions, into the mouth of each pig