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Table 2 Analysis of similarity (ANOSIM) of the difference in gut microbiota grouped by treatment and the survival ratio for each group, based on Bray–Curtis distance

From: Enterococcus faecium are associated with the modification of gut microbiota and shrimp post-larvae survival

Grouped by treatment R P
Global 0.140 0.002
CK1 versus CK2 0.047 0.109
CK1 versus Tre 0.171 0.005
CK2 versus Tre 0.221 0.001
Grouped by survival ratio (SH vs. SL) R P
Global 0.579 0.001
CK1 0.898 0.001
CK2 0.403 0.003
Tre 0.991 0.001
  1. Statistically significant values at P < 0.05 are shown in bold