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Table 2 OTUs that significantly contribute to Bray–Curtis dissimilarity between summer Captive and Wild mucosa microbiotas

From: Characterization of captive and wild 13-lined ground squirrel cecal microbiotas using Illumina-based sequencing

OTU Most resolved taxonomic classification SIMPER percentage (%) Captive relative abundance (%) Wild relative abundance (%) Adj P
Otu00035 Lactobacillus 1.881 3.170 0.074 0.033
Otu00096 Lachnospiraceae 1.288 0.029 2.149 0.033
Otu00119 Lachnospiraceae 1.547 0.000 2.547 0.026
  1. OTUs were identified with SIMPER and statistically tested with Kruskal–Wallis tests. P-values were corrected for false discovery rate using the Benjamini–Hochberg procedure. Only OTUs that accounted for ≥ 1% of the differences in beta diversity and had adj P < 0.05 were considered significant