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Table 1 The number of genes assigned to functional subsystems using MG-RAST

From: Metagenomic analysis suggests broad metabolic potential in extracellular symbionts of the bivalve Thyasira cf. gouldi

Subsystem FunctionsNumber of genes assigned
Amino Acids and Derivatives211
DNA Metabolism136
Protein Metabolism148
Cell Wall and Capsule113
Cofactors, Vitamins, Prosthetic Groups, Pigments109
RNA Metabolism107
Regulation and Cell signaling106
Membrane Transport90
Stress Response66
Virulence, Disease and Defense61
Nitrogen Metabolism54
Phages, Prophages, Transposable elements, Plasmids42
Fatty Acids, Lipids, and Isoprenoids40
Motility and Chemotaxis38
Nucleosides and Nucleotides38
Sulfur Metabolism30
Phosphorus Metabolism25
Cell Division and Cell Cycle25
Metabolism of Aromatic Compounds22