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Aims and scope

Animal Microbiome is a community-focused journal welcoming all animal microbiome studies relating to domestic and non-domestic animals. The journal welcomes submissions which go beyond measurements of diversity and move towards a functional understanding of animal-associated microbiomes. Animal Microbiome is a sister journal to Microbiome.


  1. Authors: Hugo F. Monteiro, Caio C. Figueiredo, Bruna Mion, José Eduardo P. Santos, Rafael S. Bisinotto, Francisco Peñagaricano, Eduardo S. Ribeiro, Mariana N. Marinho, Roney Zimpel, Ana Carolina da Silva, Adeoye Oyebade, Richard R. Lobo, Wilson M. Coelho Jr, Phillip M. G. Peixoto, Maria B. Ugarte Marin, Sebastian G. Umaña-Sedó…

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Open article collections

Food security and sustainability from a microbiology perspective

New Content Item (1)A cross-journal collection exploring various aspects of maintaining or enhancing food production, sustainability and security from a microbiology perspective.

Life at the extreme

Yellowstone Park - Credit: "Jurvetson" via Flickr, under a CC-BY license.

A cross-journal series looking at the mechanistic adaptation of any species which thrive in extreme environments.

Engineering optimal livestock microbiomes

Cows eating hay © Image by skeeze from PixabayAnimal Microbiome invites submissions focused on progress in engineering optimal livestock microbiomes so that feed conversion is maximised.

In Review: preprint service on Animal Microbiome

Animal Microbiome, in partnership with Research Square, is offering In Review - a preprint service to all authors.

At the time of submission, authors can choose this free optional service whereby their submitted manuscript will be hosted specifically on Animal Microbiome's In Review preprint platform. Authors will then be able to:

  • Share their work with fellow researchers to read, comment on, and cite even before publication
  • Showcase their work to funders and others with a citable DOI while it is still under review
  • Track their manuscript - including seeing when reviewers are invited, and when reports are received

See what the Animal Microbiome In Review platform looks like.

Animal Microbiome is a PCI Animal Science Friendly Journal

Animal Microbiome is a PCI Animal Science friendly journal. While the journal retains the right to further review manuscripts, they are happy to consider the existing reviews when papers are submitted from PCI Animal Science.

Editor-in-Chief Profile

New Content Item

Sharon Huws is a Reader in Animal Science at the School of Biological Sciences and the Institute of Global Food Security, Queens University, Belfast. Her research is focused on understanding microbiomes, especially in the context of understanding the role that the rumen microbiome plays in ruminant food security. She is also interested in understanding the evolutionary drivers of antimicrobial resistance and exploiting microbiomes for industrial purposes.  Sharon is also a senior editor for the Microbiome. She also chairs the Rumen Microbial Genomics Network, which underpins the activities of the Global Research Alliance.

Dr Sharon Huws received her PhD from the University of Manchester, and subsequently went on to work as a post-doctoral scientist in the Universities of Bath and Aberystwyth.  In 2010 she was promoted to Senior Principal investigator and later in 2012 was appointed as a lecturer, followed by progression to senior lecturer in 2015 at Aberystwyth University. She took up her new role in Queens University Belfast in 2017.

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