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Table 1 Microbial composition of caterpillars and soil samples

From: Microbiomes of a specialist caterpillar are consistent across different habitats but also resemble the local soil microbial communities

  Variable Res. Df Deviance Adj. p-value
Caterpillars Intercept 86   
Habitat 84 640.9 0.001
Intercept 86   
Locality 78 2317 0.005
Soil Intercept 89   
Habitat 87 50,605 0.001
Intercept 89   
Locality 81 83,275 0.005
  1. A negative binomial GLM was used. Multivariate test statistics were calculated using the log-likelihood ratio with 999 iterations via PIT-trap resampling. Significant results (p-value < 0.05) are in bold
  2. Analysis of deviance table for bacterial community composition of caterpillars and soil samples in the nine localities within the three habitats based on the highly abundant ASVs (≥ 0.1% relative abundance)