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Table 2 Pairwise comparisons of microbial composition within habitats

From: Microbiomes of a specialist caterpillar are consistent across different habitats but also resemble the local soil microbial communities

  Pairwise habitats Observed statistic Free stepdown adj. p-value
Caterpillars dunes - riverine grass. 354.2 0.001
nat. grass. - riverine grass. 324.8 0.006
dunes - nat. grass. 302.3 0.007
Soil dunes - riverine grass. 16,252 0.001
nat. grass. - riverine grass. 37,025 0.001
dunes - nat. grass. 13,038 0.001
  1. A negative binomial GLM was used. Multivariate test statistics were calculated using the log-likelihood ratio with 999 iterations via PIT-trap resampling. Significant results (p-value < 0.05) are in bold
  2. Pairwise comparison of bacterial community composition of caterpillars and soil samples in within the three habitats based on the highly abundant ASVs (≥ 0.1% relative abundance)