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Table 3 Significantly enriched taxa at the family, genus and species level found in SFM foals from ages 1 to 6 weeks (p < 0.05, Kruskal-Wallis, LDA score > 2.0) compared with all other weeks

From: Development of the equine hindgut microbiome in semi-feral and domestic conventionally-managed foals

  Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6
Firmicutes Peptostreptococcaceae gen. Holdemania spp. Veillonella dispar   Coprobacillus spp. Selenomonas noxia
Clostridium spp.   Veillonella spp.    Mogibacterium spp.
Ruminococcus gnavus   Christensenellaceae gen.    Mogibacteriaceae gen.
Ruminococcus spp.   Lachnospiraceae gen.    
Bacteroidetes   Odoribacter spp.   S24_7 gen.   YRC22 spp.
  CF231 spp.   Prevotella spp.   Rikenellaceae gen.
  Paraprevotellaceae gen.   Prevotellaceae gen.   
    Prevotella copri   
    Paraprevotellaceae gen.   
Proteobacteria Aeromonadaceae gen. Desulfovibrio spp.    Methylobacteriaceae gen. Campylobacter spp.
     Helicobacter spp. Campylobacteraceae gen.
Euryarchaeota    Dehalobacteriaceae gen.   Methanobrevibacter spp. vadinCA11 spp.
     Methanobacteriaceae gen. Methanomassiliicoccaceae gen.
      Methanocorpusculaceae gen.
      Methanocorpusculum spp.
Actinobacteria    Coriobacteriaceae gen.    
Fibrobacteres     Fibrobacter spp.   
    Fibrobacteraceae gen.   
    Fibrobacter succinogenes   
Spirochaetes      Treponema spp.  
Planctomycetes       Pirellulaceae gen.
Chlamydiae       Chlamydia spp.
Verrucomicrobia       RFP12 gen.