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Table 2 Mean values of diarrhea occurrence and index observed in post-weaning piglets supplemented with Zinc Oxide (ZnO), Benzoic acid plus probiotic (BA + P) and ZnO + BA + P

From: Impact of zinc oxide, benzoic acid and probiotics on the performance and cecal microbiota of piglets

Parameters Treatment    
Control ZnO BA + P ZnO + BA + P
Diarrhea occurrence     
Score 2 11b 1a 4ab 3ab
Score 3 38c 21b 18ab 8a
Score 2 + 3 49b 22a 22a 11a
Diarrhea index, %     
Score 2 27,5b 2,5a 10ab 7,5ab
Score 3 95c 52,5b 45ab 20a
  1. Means with different letters means significance by qui-square Test (P < 0.05)